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    Yuki Yuna is a Hero v1.2.1 Mod Apk Beyond time, 16 brave people gather here The first “smartphone game” that is “brave”!

    During the new download campaign
    Now SR “Washio Sumi (CV: Mizumori Suzuko)” and,
    SR “Beef”, SR “Shobo”, SR “Yoshihi”!
    “Grace of Kamiki × 2150 pieces” that gacha can turn

    “Yu YuYu” Work Introduction
    “Yuuki Yuuna is a brave man, the twinkle of flower tying”
    Popular anime “Yuki Yuuna is a brave man” and others,
    It’s the first “smartphone game” to be “brave”!
    Takahiro and Mr. Aoki Akaki are in charge of the original story.
    A new brave who appears as a game original character,
    Served as a draft character in the “brave man” series
    Mr. BUNBUN draws it down.

    Battle System of Incandescence
    The battle is real time battle is hot! Tower Defense System,
    Pick up the enemy ‘Vertex’ approaching, and defend Kiki along with the braves!

    Large volume scenario
    A new story of brave people spun in full voice,
    Original scenario part is a story of the original writing down!
    Of course, an original story is also included.

    Yuuki Tennna Our vice president, Yuzhou Junior High School, six people,
    One day I am surrounded by mysterious light during club activities.
    When noticing, the world has become the oasis of trees, and vertexes are attacking.
    At hand, the transformation application that should have become unnecessary why has returned.
    In front of Tennna who repulsed Vertex while puzzled
    A woman who appeared as Kanri Hiida appeared.
    According to Hinata, this is the “special world” inside Kiki.
    Kiki is an aggregate of land gods, but a powerful one of them
    It seems to have rebelled and vandalize the inside.
    It seems that the vertex of the previous time is a fake made by the deity god.
    If land gods fall apart, the trees will lose their power greatly.
    In this big deal, Kiki gathers brave people of all ages in myself.
    Thus, by the braves who gathered beyond the times,
    The battle to calm the battle god began.

    Gorgeous voice actors who color the series
    Terui Haruka Mizumori Suzuko Uchiyama Yumi Kurosawa Tomoyo long wife Juri
    Yumi Hanamori Yui Hanazawa Kaoru Ohashi Ayaka Ohashi Honori Ren Kondo Rena
    Ms. Suzuki Mina Takano Mari Kana Suwa Ayana Nagara Mari
    The original cast of the series appeared!
    Senbonki Aya Yamamoto hope as new character!
    The story will be expanded at full voice.

    Original staff and writers cooperate fully
    Original: Project 2H Project plan: Takahiro (Minato Soft)
    Scenario: Takahiro / Akai Haka Other
    Character design draft: BUNBUN
    Character graphics supervision: Studio five pairs
    Music: MONACA
    Background: Team Tiledon et al.
    Deformed character design draft: Kakutarumaru
    Setting cooperation: Takino Daisuke (“Nogi Wakaba is a brave man” Comicareize)

    Official Twitter
    We are tweeting the latest information, management announcement.
    Let’s forget to check the information of “Yu YuYu”!

    Recommended environment
    Android 4.4 or higher
    * Please understand beforehand that we can not respond to support and compensation etc when you use it other than recommended terminal.

    1. Weaken the enemy
    2. Increase the speed of movement of the enemy
    3. Improve the crit rate

    Get Full Free Yuki Yuna is a Hero Mod Apk DOWNLOAD

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